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Biannual Election of LSCA Officers for 2015-2017
A meeting will be held on Sat., June 6th at 5:00 p.m. Hunter's Run.
All LSCA members are invited to attend and to submit nominees for President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer.
LSCA members attending will also be able to vote for the officers.
Please plan to attend.

See 2014 Officers ; See latest Shoot Report Form ; See Jan Minutes

Of the Louisiana Sporting Clays Association


The Board amended the Bylaws to allow for a club to hold the state shoot in consecutive years IF no other club has bid on the state shoot.  The final decision is to be left up to the Board.


The name of the Association shall be “Louisiana Sporting Clays Association,” hereinafter referred to as the Association.


Objectives and Purpose

1.  To promote and encourage shotgun sports shooting, to teach safety in handling firearms, and to foster good fellowship among members of the Association.

2.  To approve applications from member clubs for all registered sporting clays shoots in the state.

3.  To coordinate shoot schedules within the state.

4.  To schedule, organize and manage the LSCA State Championship at a site chosen no later than January 31st of the current shoot year.

5.  To settle all disputes within the state through strict application of the NSCA rules, and to see that those rules are strictly followed at all registered shoots within the state.



Section A.  The Association shall be non-profit and operated exclusively for the benefit of the individual members of the Association.  No part of any net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member thereof.

Section B.  Pro-rata interest in and ownership of all assets of the Association of any kind or character shall be vested in the individual members of the Association.




Section A.  Membership in the Association is open to any resident of the state who is a member in good standing of the National Sporting Clays Association.  Membership is also open to any club or other organization or group of individuals within the state, in good standing with the NSCA, who own, operate, or have access to at least one sporting clays course of at least five stations, a “traphouse-NRA” facility or a five-stand field, and whose purpose is to promote shotgun sports shooting in cooperation with the Association and the NSCA.

Section B. The membership dues shall be $25.00 for each club.  Club renewals received after December 1st will be charged a $5.00 late fee  Any member of NSCA in good standing with a permanent Louisiana residency shall be a member of LSCA.  October 1st (or the date established by the NSCA) will be recognized as the beginning of the new shooting year.

Section C.  Fees for registered targets shot under the jurisdiction of the Association shall be $.03 cents per target (or an amount set by the board) and shall be collected by the host club at a registered shoot and paid to the secretary-treasurer of the Association at his/her official address within 15 days after the date of the registered shoot.


Officers and Duties

Section A.  The officers of the association shall be a president, vice-president and a secretary-treasurer, elected by the membership for a term of two years, election to be held every odd numbered year at the state championship.
Range Owners are excluded from being officers of the LSCA.

Section B.  Duties

1.  Duties of the president:  The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the board of directors.  He shall direct the affairs of  the Association, with full authority to act for the membership in matters relating to the conduct of the affairs of the Association.

a.  Committees.  The president shall have the power to appoint such committees as he deems necessary for the conduct of the Association’s business.

2.  Duties of the vice-president:  The vice-president shall have full authority to act as the president in the absence of the president, and shall assume the duties of the office if the president is no longer able to serve.

3.  Duties of the secretary-treasurer:  The secretary-treasurer of the Association shall perform all duties usually ascribed to such office. Specifically, he shall register all shoots approved by the Association, as   requested by member clubs, or authorize registration of any such shoots as directed by the president.  The secretary-treasurer shall conduct all official correspondence and shall receive and disburse all funds of the Association.  A surety bond for the secretary-treasurer may be required; if so, cost will be borne by the Association.

a.  Annually and at such other times as the board may request,  the secretary-treasurer shall submit, for the information of the membership and the board, a complete statement of the accounts for the past shooting year.

b.  Annually at the end of the shooting year, the secretary-treasurer  will submit the financial accounts to an examination by a committee from the board of directors.  The committee shall consist of not less than three members:  the vice-president, and two directors. The vice-president will chair the committee.  This examination committee will be appointed after completion of the State Shoot so that they may conduct their examination for presentation at the first meeting of the board in the forthcoming shooting year. 


Board of Directors

Section A.  The business affairs, properties and effects of the Association shall be conducted and controlled by a board of directors which shall consist of the elected officers of the Association, the NSCA delegates/representatives from Louisiana, as well as the directors elected by the membership as hereinafter provided.

Section B.  The board shall be composed of:  two elected directors from each of the three zones within the state, the delegates or representatives from Louisiana to the board of the National Sporting Clays Association, and the elected officers of the Association.  As of Oct. 4, 2001 a club in good standing with both the NSCA and LSCA may have one voting member on the Board, this representative is to have full rights and privileges as a member of the Board.

When a vacancy occurs among the elected members of the board, another member of the Association in good standing may be selected by the board to fill the vacancy until the next annual ballot of the membership.

Section C.  The officers and directors will be elected by a vote of the membership every odd numbered year at the state championship.

Officers and directors may be nominated by any two Association members in good standing.  Such nomination must be received by the secretary-treasurer fourteen days prior to the state championship in the election year.

Section D.  The board of directors of the Association shall have full and sole authority to act in the name of the Association in matters relating to its affairs.  They shall have the power to delegate authority to the officers of the Association.  They shall determine the assessment of any fees to members and the amount of same.  They shall have the authority to suspend or expel any member or club for cause such as non-payment of fees due, improper conduct of registered shoots, conduct detrimental to safety of shoot harmony, or any violation of the rules of the NSCA.  Through its officers, the Association shall have the sole authority to deal with the NSCA in matters relating to registered sporting clays shooting in Louisiana. 

Section E.  A director may delegate his authority to a duly appointed proxy at any meeting of the board, provided that the proxy is in writing for the specific meeting in question and the member is in good standing with the Association.  A member with a proxy may represent only one director at a meeting of the board and shall have only one vote. 

Section F.  The president and vice-president of the Association can serve no more than one term in that office consecutively.

There shall be no term limit imposed on the secretary-treasurer of the Association.

Section G.  Installation.  The elected directors and officers with the exception of the secretary-treasurer shall take office immediately following the official announcement of the election results.  The secretary-treasurer will turn over the affairs of the Association after the financial statement and all reports for the state shoot have been completed and filed.  This shall occur no later than the end of the shooting year or the fall meeting whichever is sooner.

Section H.  Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meeting of the Association and the board of directors.



Section A.  A regular meeting of the general membership shall be held annually at the state championship shoot.

A minimum of two meetings of the board of directors shall be held annually; one regular meeting of the board of directors of the Association shall be held at the state championship following the general membership meeting; another meeting shall be held at least once a year at a time and place to be designated by the president.  Written or electronic notice of such meeting and its time and location shall be given to each director and to officers of the Association.

Section B.  The president shall be required to call a special meeting of the Association at any time, and at any place designated in writing by the joint request of any three directors.  Such request will contain the subject(s) to be considered, and no other business will transpire at these meetings.  Written or electronic  notice of such meetings shall be given by the secretary-treasurer to all directors at least 14 days prior to the date on which the meeting is being called.

Section C.  Quorum.  Fifty percent (50%) or more of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business for either a regular or special meeting of the board.

Section D.  In the case of the absence of the president and vice-president from any meeting, the member directors present shall elect a chairman for the meeting by majority vote.  The chairman shall preside with full authority to conduct the meeting, record the proceedings and notify the membership of any and all actions taken.


Voting Rights

Section A.  All matters coming before the Association for decision in regular or special meetings shall be determined by majority vote of the directors present, except that a change to the constitution or by-laws requires a two-thirds vote of the board.

Section B.  The president, the vice-president, the directors and the state delegates/representatives on the board of the NSCA shall have one vote in all proceedings.  The president shall vote only when necessary to break a tie.

Section C.  Any director may call for a secret ballot on any matter up for vote at any meeting.

Section D.  Any business or Election or nominations for officers and delegates that will be voted for by mail-in or electronic ballot must be submitted to the secretary-treasurer no later than 90 days prior to the actual vote count or the state championship shoot.   For ballots to be valid, they must be returned to the secretary-treasurer no later than 10 days prior to the vote or the state championship shoot.  Any ballot that has been opened prior to delivery to the board of directors and/or the election committee is immediately ruled invalid.  Any member in good standing who has not voted by mail or electronically may cast their vote on the first day of the state championship shoot prior to the closing of registration.  When voting for delegates only, those delegates from the zone in which the shooter resides are their only choice.  If a shooter votes for a delegate outside their zone, the ballot will be judged invalid.  Write-in candidates are acceptable provided the candidate is a member in good standing of the Association and has agreed to accept and execute the responsibilities required of the individual in this position.

Section E.  To maintain voting status, an individual member of LSCA (excluding club managers or owners) must have shot a minimum of 500 NSCA registered targets in the state of Louisiana during the previous or current shooting year.


Section A. Requirements A Club must have thrown a minimum of 10,000 registered targets in the previous year and have a minimum of 12 clays shooting stations to be considered as Host for The State Sporting Clays Championship. The Board of Directors will be the sole judge in determining that a Club meets minimum requirements to host a State Championship. The Club has to be a member in good standing with NSCA and LSCA, with no outstanding grievances.

All bidders for the LSCA State Shoot shall complete and submit the bid form located on the LSCA web site. http://www.lsca.info/forms/LSCAstateshootprop050617b.pdf

1. Selection process for choosing Host Club.

a. Any Club that desires to Host a State Championship, in its entirety or any part thereof, in the following year will submit a proposal to LSCA by December 31st. In that proposal will be the Clubs agenda for the State Championships following the requirements in Section B of Article IX of the LSCA By-laws.

b. Each proposal submitted to the LSCA board of directors will be considered at a meeting set by the President..

c. As a safeguard, some type of penalty may be levied in the event the Host Club does not meet its obligation as stated in its proposal to the LSCA. This penalty will be left to the discretion of the LSCA Board of Directors.

2. Specifications for the Event.

a. Entry fee to be negotiated with the Host Club to cover all expenses except Awards.

b. Flyer information, entry form, Club telephone number and directions will be submitted to the LSCA Secretary-Treasurer 6 weeks prior to the event. LSCA will have the option to do the mailing or posting on the internet website along with the entry form.

c. Bottled water provided on the courses in sufficient quantity.

d. Signs clearly marking stations, number of pairs, type of pairs, and types of targets.

e. Restrooms provided on the course in sufficient quantity.

f. Lunch available most of the day, each day, reasonably priced.

g. Ammunition available for shooter purchase.

h. Practice of some type available to shooters.

i. Clipboards and pencils for each squad.

j. A telephone number for the shooters to contact the club directly the day of the shoot. Prior to the shoot, phone messages should be returned within a reasonable time frame.

k. Liability Insurance: The Host Club must provide an original copy of their insurance policy to the LSCA 15 days prior to the state championship shoot. The minimum coverage shall be One Million Dollars with a Two Million Dollar aggregate.

l.  Trappers will be furnished at all state championships described in, Sections B. State Championships.

Section B. State Championships

a. A Sporting Clays Championship consisting of 200 targets will be thrown over two days using commercial quality machines with a minimum of 12 shooting stations.

b. A Five-Stand Championship consisting of at least 100 targets will be thrown using commercial quality machines on four Five-Stand layouts. May be thrown on two Five-Stand layouts over two days.

c. A FITASC Championship consisting of at least 100 targets will be thrown using commercial quality machines on four Parcours. May be thrown on two Parcours over two days.

d. A Small Gauge Championship consisting of at least 50 targets per gauge thrown using commercial quality machines with a minimum of  6 shooting stations .

e. A Super Sporting Championship shall consist of at least 50 targets per gauge thrown using commercial quality machines with a minimum or 6 shooting stations.


Section C. LSCA Will Provide

a. Protest Committee consisting of three Delegates, preferably one from each zone.

b. Target Viewing Committee.

c. Awards will be presented and venues described in section B above as follows:

      1. Award for HOA and HOA Out of State

       2. Award three places in M, AA, A, B, C, D, E.        

       3. Award two places in concurrent classes Lady, Sub-Junior, Junior, Veterans, Super- Veterans, Senior Super Veterans.

d.  The LSCA Board will provide a list of any additional fees for the shooters after the bids are received.





Advisory Council

An advisory council may be established to help promote sporting clays within the state and to make recommendations to the Association concerning sporting clays matters.  The council will be comprised of the president, the NSCA member club owners or a designated representative, three shooters (LSCA members) appointed by the president and the NSCA delegates/representatives from the state.


Courtesy Rules

Section A.  When shoots are using "European Rotation", where you start on a station, you but must proceed to the next station in the sequential order, i.e. If you start on station 6 then you must proceed to station 7, then 8, etc. completing on station 5.

Section B.  If a station is skipped, you must complete the remaining stations before returning to the skipped station.

Section C.  During a shoot, a squad should maintain 5 or less shooters.

Section D.  Failure to follow the above guidelines could result in disqualification from the shoot.






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